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The Ukrainian East

“The Ukrainian East” is the name of new museum project, created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. It’s a story about the current Russian-Ukrainian war, about the valor and sacrifices of the patriots who defend the sovereignty of Ukraine against the aggressor in its eastern territories, about the population who suffers, survives, struggles, about the socio-humanitarian problems caused by fighting and temporary occupation.

The project is the result of almost six years of activity of the museum team, which covers the events of this war in thematic exhibitions, educational and communication events since 2014. Only artifacts. Innovative solutions. Real emotions.

We invite you to get acquainted with it.

Ukraine. Unfinished War...

Why does the memory about the Second World War still bother us? The answer is a new exhibition project “Ukraine. Unfinished War ...”. Its concept is to show with the museum objects the difficult path to independence of Ukraine, to look at the past events of Ukraine not through the prism of certain political preferences, but through documents, evidence and factual information.

Structure and emotional content of the exposition contribute the colored solution. The dark red color (like blood) accompanies the narrative of the events on the fronts of the First and the Second World Wars, in which Ukraine became the epicenter of the bloody fighting. The history of the Ukrainian nation was written during the military confrontation and political upheavals. The grey color represents the state of the ordinary person, who is outside the laws of morality and humanity.

Art installations contribute philosophical reading of the presented materials.

We invite you to see the exhibition. Entrance ticket lets you visit it.


One, two, three, four, five… I go looking… Familiar words of different children's voices are heard almost in every yard.

The fascinating game “Hide-and-Seek” starts with these words. Once we used to play it, and now our children and grandchildren play...

But everything changes when the war begins at home.

In the twentieth century the humankind has survived two bloody armed conflicts and it would seem to receive immunity from the disease of militarism. Moreover, the mischief happened. In the twenty-first century the Russian-Ukrainian war began in the center of Europe...

One, two, three, four, five… I go looking…

The voice is not the same, not childish, but horrible – metallic, strident. This is the voice of war that starts hunting for its victims, for the most weakest – children. More than 20,000 Ukrainian children stayed living under enemy fire in Donbas. They are the hostages of adult games and continue playing the “game” intuitively in the occupied territories, in the “gray zone” and in the neighboring settlements. They try to escape from the deadly bullets and shell splinters. In the labyrinths of consciousness, they seek a hiding place from pain after losing loved ones and their homes.

The museum installation leads the way through this labyrinth. It looks like an empty and destroyed house that can no longer protect from danger and give neither warmth nor comfort.

Its hiding places with the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are filled with endless childish pain. Not every adult will endure it. The personal stories collected by the museum scientists tell about it. Look! Listen! And let everyone ask themselves: “What have we done to turn back war-torn childhood in our future?”


PortraitsUA is a new educational museum project. It is aimed at the historical and international rebranding of the Ukrainian dimension in the Second World War through the study of personal stories of people who contributed to the fight against totalitarianism, defended democratic values and civic convictions; embodied the ideals of peace, humanism, tolerance.

The theme of the session in 2018 is "Ukrainians - Saviors and Righteous Among the Nations ". These people risked their own lives and the lives of their relatives,but saved Jews during the Second World War.

Participation in the project involves the preparation of historical research (portrait) of the persons of the current session using archival materials, oral memoirs, documentary materials. Presentation of works - on the website of the project, as well as on thematic events, exhibitions, in the media.

We invite all interested persons to participate. Information on the project website