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Total War: Museum’s photo exhibition was presented in France

In the French city of Verdun, the second photo exhibition of the Museum on the tragic realities of the current Russian-Ukrainian war was presented – “Ukraine: Total War”. Our traditional local partner is the World Center for Peace, Liberty and Human Rights hosting the exhibition in the garden of the XVIII century Archbishops’ Palace.

This project is based on 70 photos among the thousands taken during the museum expeditions to the war-impacted territories of the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. These trips, led by the Director General of Museum Yurii Savchuk, were purposed for collection of the war artifacts for the stationary museum exhibition “Ukraine – Crucifixion”. The expeditions started on April 5, on the third day after the complete liberation of the North of Ukraine. In order to document the tragic consequences of the Russian invasion, Victor Byvshev, the member of the expeditions and the professional photographer, took few thousand pictures. They reflect the tragedy of the dozens of thousands of the Ukrainians in the areas of fighting, total ruination and the terror of the Russian occupiers.

The geography of the pictures covers towns and villages which became known even far from Ukraine: Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, Borodianka, Makariv, Ivankiv and many other settlements. They were on the way of the Russian offensive on Kyiv, stopped by the desperate resistance of the Ukrainians.

Now, the citizens and tourists of the ancient Verdun, which suffered destruction during the notorious battle of the First World War, will learn more about the modern war – the bloody total war waged by Russia against Ukraine.

We are sincerely grateful to the World Center for Peace, Liberty and Human Rights in Verdun and personally to its Director Philippe Hansch for our joint work on preparation of this exhibition. We are proud of this partnership and confident that raising the French society’s awareness of this war will be important for the further international support of Ukraine.

The multimedia project “Children…” – martyrology of children killed during the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war

The multimedia project “Children…” under the arch of the Upper Moscow Gate of the 18th century of the Pechersk Fortress is presented.

It is impossible to estimate the real number of the killed and wounded children, as the occupiers continue the active hostilities. However, the known number of lost lives is reflected in the symbolic account. The names of the dead appear on the symbolic altar, and those who have now turned into angels are watching us from eye to eye.

 The tragedy of this performance is stressed by the artwork “Tree of Life”, the metaphor of the children’s deaths in the war. The red boxes contain the belongings of the children found in the museum expedition to the newly liberated areas of the Kyiv region. The black branches form the symbol of the fortitude of all Ukraine as the united family.

Ertrance is free.

Working hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday – from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

One hundred days. War Through Children’s Eyes

A Ukrainian-Polish exhibition “One Hundred Days. War Through Children’s Eyes” presents about one and a half hundred drawings by Ukrainian and Polish children from the city of Łódź, who are under the care of the society “Let’s Support Ukraine Together!” (“Koper Pomaga Foundation”). The artworks were created in May 2022.

These are artistic emotional stories about the war they are going through right now. The drawings immerse in the children’s vision of the realities of the difficult military present and images of a peaceful future. Because Ukraine is fighting relentlessly and the Victory will surely come, and these little representatives of our two powerful, courageous and friendly nations have made their own contribution! And then children’s dreams from drawings will definitely come true!

The exhibition is opened in a new display space – the restored Lower Moscow Gate of the Pechersk Fortress of the 18th century. After the exhibition, part of the works will be sent to the Ukrainian defenders on the front line.

The author of the idea and curator of the exhibition is Yurii Savchuk, Director General of the War Museum. Partners from the Polish side are representatives of the “Koper Pomaga Foundation” Nina Malinovska and Karolina Novytska-Tkaczyk. Art design – Anton Lohov, Vitalii Bielikov.

Duration of the exhibition: June 1 - 30, 2022. Ertrance is free.

Working hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday – from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The exhibition of the military vehicles is open

On May 18, the International Museums Day, after the period when the exhibition of the military vehicles and armament was unavailable for the visitors, it is open for the guests again. Since now, the visitors can observe the open-air exhibition, the Mi-24 helicopter, Li-2 and MiG-23 aircraft.

The exhibition contains samples of the armored vehicles and aircraft, artillery systems and multiple rocket launchers, naval armament of the XX century. You can feel like a pilot, navigator or radio operator in the helicopter and aircraft cabins. In addition, you can enjoy the view of the Motherland Monument and the East-bank side of the city from the territory of the Memorial.

In addition, the audio guides of the territory of the Memorial and the exhibition of the military vehicles and armament are available on the izi.TRAVEL app for Android and iOS or by the link 

Working hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday – from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
  • the ticket office is open until 6.30 p.m.
  • Monday is the day off.

Tickets to the exhibition of the military vehicles and armament

Entrance fee:

-         for adults – UAH 30

-         for students and school pupils – UAH 10

Excursions (fee per group):

-         in Ukrainian – UAH 50

-         in English – UAH 100

Tickets to the Mi-24 combat helicopter, Li-2 and MiG-23 aircraft

Entrance fee – UAH 20

Ukraine – Crucifixion

The exhibition on the Russian-Ukrainian war “Ukraine – Crucifixion” is opened for the visitors in the Museum.

For the first time in the world museum practice, the stationary exposition on the ongoing war was created in the real time. With the help of the authentic materials and photos, the horrible realities of the full-scale Russian aggression are highlighted.

Visit us in the exhibition center of the Museum (27 Lavrska Street, Kyiv).

Working hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the tickets are available until 5.30 p.m.
  • Monday is the day off
  • Entrance fee: adults – UAH 50, students and school pupils – UAH 30
  • Excursion fee per group – UAH 150 for adults, UAH 70 for school pupils, UAH 300 for a tour in English

Please, follow the rules of conduct:

  • for visiting the exhibition center, we recommend to register and book an excursion by phone +38 044 285 88 62 or by filling online form
  • visit is possible without the registration, as well as excursion without booking, in the case of vacancies.

We care of your safety:

  • in the case of the air siren, the entrance of the new visitors to exposition is stopped, however, the visitors of the Memorial can go to the shelter with the seats and water available
  • entrance to the exhibition center is equipped with the metal detector. It is prohibited to bring the forbidden, flammable and explosive materials, cold weapon and guns, as well as large-sized items
  • the space of the exhibition center is equipped with the additional means for firefighting

The terrible deja vu. The horrible mimicry of war. The images of the past that had not to return! They came to life. This happens. Right now. To us. This is real. The uncertain and fragile understanding of the future.

This is the project about the essence, sense, similarity and repeatability of the wars. About people and not only people. About fear, uncertainty, despair, anger and exhaustion. And also, despite all, about motivation, fight, courage, invincibility, help, people’s unity, humanity, faith, hope...

This is the project in which the artifacts of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, unfortunately, came back to life again...

Curator – Liudmyla Rybchenko, content – Volodymyr Tretiak, design – Andrii Moiseyenko, animation and programing – Oleksii Raldugin.

Video version of the exhibition

From the beginning of the invasion, the Museum documents the Russian-Ukrainian war. On March 8, the 13th day of the armed confrontation, our team took a photo camera and went into the wartime streets of Kyiv. That is how the first museum photo exhibition “Kyiv: One-Day Report. March 8, 2022” was created. 44 pictures demonstrate how instantly and greedily the war devoured the life space of the Ukrainian capital, erasing the boundaries between war and peaceful life.

The photo exhibition was presented in the World Center for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights in Verdun (France), Jeju International Peace Center (Republic of Korea), on the square near the National Theater in Mannheim (Germany) and in the central part of Cetinje (Montenegro). The project received new formats, in particular, the video version was prepared.

Idea by Yurii Savchuk, photos by Olena Shovkoplias, sound direction by Olesia Stefanyk.

War and art

It seems that war is not the time for art. However, the collection of the art works became one of the first received by the Museum during the enemy invasion. The members of our team – artists Anton Lohov and Olga Moskovchenko – donated their works.

The work “Hope for Better” was sent by Mykhailo Kolomiets to support the Ukrainians in their fight against the enemy. He is the relative of the World War 2 participant, general Ivan Panfilov, and lives in the Netherlands.

Before the war, Alina Nazarenko worked in the 3D design of the house. She turned this unfinished project into the art work “On the Brink of Life”.

Tetiana, the refugee from Kyiv and mother of two children, expressed her pain in the unbelievable work “Loneliness”.