Exhibition “Returning the Occupied Territories”

Five years of war. Five years of our people’s struggle against the Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine. In summer 2014 a fierce struggle continued for the settlements of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. In the battles the Ukrainian soldiers gave their lives, but gained victory liberating their native cities.

The National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War together with the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance represents an exhibition project about the liberation of Ukrainian territories. The exhibition represents photographs that reflect the chronology of the liberation of Mariupol, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Sieverodonetsk, Lysychansk and a dozen settlements. The artifacts tell us about the fate of the participants of the battles. These are the personal belongings of Hero of Ukraine Serhii Kulchytskyi, Bohdan Vovnenko, Stepan Chubenko and Ohanes Petrosian. Significant relics at the exhibition are the victorious Ukrainian flags raised above the liberated Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Shchastia. Graphic paintings from the series “Black Calendar”, depicted by the artists Serhii Druziaka and Serhii Lytvynov who were the witnesses of Kramatorsk occupation, are the evidences of the fact that even the horrors of war can become an impetus for the creation of art. In the exhibition a part of the objects was collected by the museum staff during a scientific trip to Donetsk and Luhansk regions and is presented to the general public for the first time.

“War. Facets”

The museum presents a unique scientific and popular edition "War. Facets".

This edition demonstrates the versatility of the Second World War on the Ukrainian lands by highlighting its individual marker problems. With the help of authentic museum objects from the collection of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War it reveals the complex and painful realities of the global conflict which put people on the edge of survival in conditions of ruthless wartime. This is a journey into the world for which neither the scientific community nor the political elites or ordinary people have produced an adequate vocabulary.

The edition contains nine thematic sections that help to find answers to a seemingly simple questions: what is the war and what are its results, what does person feel while experiencing a war?

The presented edition is the result of the creative efforts of the entire team of researchers who persistently collected materials in numerous search expeditions, studied them, attributed them and then selected artefacts which revealed the facets of war best of all.

The book is intended for everyone who is interested in the history of Ukraine in the Second World War. It speaks to the reader, teaches understanding and reconciliation with a complex past.

Exhibition “Family Memory of the War. Essays”

The human memory is mysterious and eternal. What rules does it obey? What does it save? What is transferred from generation to generation, from century to century? What is the memory of the Second World War?

Perhaps, everyone has one’s own memory, because much time passed, many things changed as well as understanding of past events, something became the product of mythology.

“Family Memory of the War” is a title of the exhibition as a part of the similarly named museum’s project. It contains ten stories, ten essays that are combined as a mosaic to reconstruct the complex and controversial Ukrainian history.

These are stories of ordinary people, their family memory, and their lives. The grandchildren keep this memory and save it for posterity.

Look at these artefacts, read the obliterated papers. Almost all the families have such things.

Let us save them together…


PortraitsUA is a new educational museum project. It is aimed at the historical and international rebranding of the Ukrainian dimension in the Second World War through the study of personal stories of people who contributed to the fight against totalitarianism, defended democratic values and civic convictions; embodied the ideals of peace, humanism, tolerance.

The theme of the session in 2018 is "Ukrainians - Saviors and Righteous Among the Nations ". These people risked their own lives and the lives of their relatives,but saved Jews during the Second World War.

Participation in the project involves the preparation of historical research (portrait) of the persons of the current session using archival materials, oral memoirs, documentary materials. Presentation of works - on the website of the project, as well as on thematic events, exhibitions, in the media.

We invite all interested persons to participate. Information on the project website

Exhibition “On the line of fire”

A new exhibition of the Museum project “Ukrainian East” is entitled “On the line of fire”. The story of the victories and sacrifices of the patriots of Ukraine, who in the eastern territories of our state defend its sovereignty with the Russian aggressor, overcome the consequences of hostile intervention and tear the creeping Putinism and hybrid war crimes.

In the exhibition landscape, outlined by the conditional and expositional clusters-blocks of “Ours”, “Aliens” and “(Non) aliens”, the fire line in the zone of the Operation of the Joint Forces in the East of Ukraine is symbolically replicated.

In the exposition space of the section “Ours” the line of fire runs through damaged and mutilated, but life-saving vehicles for warriors and volunteers; and uplifted 27 blue-yellow flags – the symbols of administrative and territorial units of unitary state continue and highlight this area. They foretell our Victory. Road signs and pointers of settlements that had previously paved the lines of peaceful allocation, now are damaged by hostile shelling, denote the notional boundary between war and peace, between “Ours” and “Aliens”.

The topic of hybrid warfare, which Russia conducts by various methods and means, reveals the block of the exposition “Aliens”. Here is a series of irrefutable evidence of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The section “(Non) aliens” is about the difficult fate of residents of Donbas, who were in zone of war.

The location of exhibits on a conditional line of fire from the beginning of the exposition to its completion reflects the dynamics of hostilities, the gradual extinction of the fire tension and gradually transforms into a “hall of hope”, presented by several museum installations.

The exhibition is in the entrance hall of the museum's main exposition.

New Digital Collection

The work of filling of e-collections continues. The creation of the second digital collection «Official Archive of Andrii Myhalevych» has started. It consists of 20 artifacts; altogether it will include 234 museum objects.

Andrii Myhalevych («Kos», «Denys», «13»). Since May 1946 he has been a guide of the Starovyzhivskii district (rayonny) wire of OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), since April 1947 – guide of the Starovyzhivskii overdistrict (nadrayonny) wire of OUN. Since 1949 he has been the deputy guide, assistance of the Security Service of the Kovel district of OUN in the North-Eastern Ukrainian territories. In 1951 he died as a result of special operation of the tactical group of the Ministry of State Security.

The collection has mass of originals of 1943 – 1950. According to their topic and sort they are divided in four main groups: the normative and personal documents, the accounts, the popular educational editions of the Main UPA Command. Permanent location of content – here.

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