Ukraine. 1942 - 1944
Chronicle of expulsion of Nazi occupiers from Ukraine

The Second World War left a deep impression in the historical destiny of Ukraine. A terrible war lasted on its territory 1225 days and nights, twice the fiery whirlwind swept through its lands, not having left any city, town, village and even the smallest farm. The liberation from the occupation yoke was expected by all: the local population, which experienced all the trials of the "new order", the warrior-liberators, in particular Ukrainians, who left their parents, children and wives at the occupied territory.

In the list of offensive operations of the Soviet troops, strategic initiatives aimed at the liberation of Ukrainian lands in December 1942 - October 1944 take important place. The cruelty and decisive nature, let us call these battles outstanding.

The war on the territory of Ukraine lasted for 40 months, 35 of them were active combat operations of regular troops. From January 1943 to October 1944, 13 offensive and 2 defensive operations took place in Ukrainian land. In 1944, 50% of all Army Red Army troops fought in Ukraine. In the units of the Ukrainian fronts in 1944 - 1945, Ukrainians accounted for 60-80% of the soldiers.

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