At the Foreign Wars

Anxious XX century is famous as the bloody century: two world wars, dozens of local wars and hundreds of armed conflict. There was no year, the more a decade with out any military action, the killed soldiers and civilians on battlefields.

Paradoxically, however, the situation became even more acute after the Second World War. According to experts over 400 armed conflicts were recorded in the second half of XX century. Powerful totalitarian empire - the Soviet Union, which included Ukraine, so Ukrainians served in the Soviet army, oath, attended, including performance of the international duty, participated in a considerable part of them on different continents. All means of propaganda were aimed to teach people this mythical duty. Our countrymen sincerely believed in it and "left home to fight and to provide land to the peasants in Grenada..." (M. Svetlov`s poem, 1926). Why? When these lines were written, as now, the land in Spanish Grenada belonged to peasants and leaders of the Soviet empire sent soldiers as “the meat grinder” in the name of own ideological hegemonic aspirations to export socialism to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

This theme was reflected in the museum exhibition from the moment of its foundation. But it had been reviewed and rethought. It had become more urgent interpretation. It became particularly acute during the military actions in Afghanistan, where the casualties of the Ukrainian people were more than 3 thousand people.

The scientific study of various aspects of this problem, as well as collecting of exhibits and their presentation on exhibitions have been begun since 1982 on the initiative of the museum leaders.

There is no region in Ukraine that the museum staff has not visited during for research trips; the museum staff has visited Afghanistan too.

The first in the Post-Soviet Space permanent museum exhibition called "Your, Motherland sons. Duty. Exploit. Tragedy" was the result of purposeful studies of all collective, vigor and responsibility of the director's team. This work was continued after opening of the exposition in May 1992. It was completed time and again with new vivid images and modern museum interpretation.

Currently, the fund of exhibits consists of more than 18 thousand subjects; about 5 thousand of them are presented in three halls of the museum, which now is called «At the Foreign Wars».

Its materials and compositions present gambles and criminal acts of the political leadership of the former Soviet Union, but the best qualities of ordinary participants of the appointed events are emphasized: a loyalty oath, reciprocity, true friendship and more.

Thus, the main contents of Wars on Foreign Soil exposition are: the memory about our compatriots who were killed during local conflicts and prevention of resolving of controversial political issues by military means.

Turning last page of the history of XX century we were hoping that the last page of the history of warfare would be turned. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The war has come to our house, to the east of Ukraine. And this war is not alien already...

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