Forever Free Ukraine!

The Ukrainian-American exhibition project entitled Forever Free Ukraine! features unique artifacts from 20 museum, archive and library institutions from Ukraine as well as the United States. It explores the impressive and little-known pages of the Libertation Struggle for independence from 1917–1921, in particular, the history of the Ukrainian Army’s uniform of the early 20th century.

For the first time since Ukraine’s independence, and over a century of Ukrainian diaspora history in the United States, five leading scientific, museum and cultural-educational Ukrainian institutions in the U.S. will take part and help curate the exhibition.

250 artifacts covering the period of 1914–1923 focus on the history of the Ukrainian Army’s uniform from the period of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, the Ukrainian Central Rada, the Ukrainian National Republic, the Western Ukrainian National Republic, Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky’s reign, and the Directiory of the Ukrainian National Republic. Most of the objects are unknown to the general public, and are familiar to only a narrow circle of specialists.

Three galleries harmoniously complement the overall layout and flow of the exhibition.

This museum exhibition underscores the historic connection between the current generation of Ukraine’s defenders and those who participated in the Liberation Struggle for independence from 1917–1921. It honors the armed forces of Ukraine – a key guarantor of Ukraine’s independence. This topic is particularly relevant and poignant for a country currently at war, on the eve of its 30th anniversary commemorating independence and freedom.

Plan your visit to see the exhibition.

View reconstructed outfits of the heroes of the Liberation Struggle for independence from 1917–1921.

  • National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. Memorial Complex
  • Foundation of Bohdan Hubskyi “Ukraine of the XXI Century”

Curator: Yurii Savchuk
Painter: Volodymyr Taran



  • Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford
  • Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago
  • Ukrainian Museum in New York
  • Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences in the USA
  • Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center
  • from the permanent collection of the Patriarch Mstyslav Museum, Somerset



  • Kamianets National Historical-Architectural Reserve
  • National Museum of the History of Ukraine
  • National Military History Museum of Ukraine
  • Lviv Historical Museum
  • Zhytomyr Regional Local History Museum
  • Chernivtsi Regional Local History Museum
  • Stepan Bandera Regional Liberation Struggle Museum of Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Museum of Kyiv History
  • Center of the Vinnytsia City History Research
  • Hetman Museum
  • Sheremetiev Museum
  • One Street Museum


  • Central State Archive of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine
  • H.S. Pshenychnyi Central State Cinema, Photo and Phono Archive of Ukraine
  • Security Service of Ukraine Sectoral State Archive
  • Ukrainian Institute of National Memory
Information partner
  • National News Agency of Ukraine “Ukrinform”
  • Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine
  • “Istorychna Pravda” [“Historical Truth”] – online social-historical, popular science magazine
  • Supported by Fulbright Program in Ukraine
Charitable involvement
  • Ihor Pukshyn
  • Yurii Kyrylov
  • The Geos Development Company