Exhibition “On the line of fire”

A new exhibition of the Museum project “Ukrainian East” is entitled “On the line of fire”. The story of the victories and sacrifices of the patriots of Ukraine, who in the eastern territories of our state defend its sovereignty with the Russian aggressor, overcome the consequences of hostile intervention and tear the creeping Putinism and hybrid war crimes.

In the exhibition landscape, outlined by the conditional and expositional clusters-blocks of “Ours”, “Aliens” and “(Non) aliens”, the fire line in the zone of the Operation of the Joint Forces in the East of Ukraine is symbolically replicated.

In the exposition space of the section “Ours” the line of fire runs through damaged and mutilated, but life-saving vehicles for warriors and volunteers; and uplifted 27 blue-yellow flags – the symbols of administrative and territorial units of unitary state continue and highlight this area. They foretell our Victory. Road signs and pointers of settlements that had previously paved the lines of peaceful allocation, now are damaged by hostile shelling, denote the notional boundary between war and peace, between “Ours” and “Aliens”.

The topic of hybrid warfare, which Russia conducts by various methods and means, reveals the block of the exposition “Aliens”. Here is a series of irrefutable evidence of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The section “(Non) aliens” is about the difficult fate of residents of Donbas, who were in zone of war.

The location of exhibits on a conditional line of fire from the beginning of the exposition to its completion reflects the dynamics of hostilities, the gradual extinction of the fire tension and gradually transforms into a “hall of hope”, presented by several museum installations.

The exhibition is in the entrance hall of the museum's main exposition.

Exhibition “The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) – Time of Trial”

Exhibition “The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) – time of trial” is open in the main exposition of the museum.

With the help of museum exhibits the key events are represented on the difficult way to the revival, and the memory of the priests and Greek Catholics is honored.

The biographies of the Greek Catholic priests, who carried out pastoral activities during the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Galicia, are emphasized. Despite a broad campaign of persecution, intimidation, discrediting of the Greek Catholic clergy, accusations of ties to the national underground, the spiritual Fathers provided the existence of the Church in extremely difficult historical circumstances, preserved the opportunity for worshipers to have access to the sacraments, saved the Jews during the Nazi occupation and helped the rebels.

The museum scientists collected the original materials bit by bit during many business trips; they are an evidence of deep Christian faith and unbending loyalty to the Church and people. Up till now they have been carefully hidden in family semi-closed personal collections. The exhibits are presented to the general public for the first time. We invite you to visit a new exhibition!

The exhibition "City of Mercy. Mechnikov’s Hospital"

The new exhibition is created under the museum project "Ukrainian East".

For the past four years, holding the breath, all Ukraine has been watching for the work of doctors from Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov who as angels guard the line of life and death.

This hospital has become an outpost between war and peace, and a unique brand in the medical industry of Ukraine. During the war in Eastern Ukraine more than 2,500 wounded passed through their caring hands, sensitive hearts and merciful souls. They performed thousands of surgical operations and rehabilitation measures, 99% of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers, taken from the frontline, were saved by them.

Visitors will be able to visit the symbolic operating room, read the stories about the best doctors and the soldiers saved by them. All materials used are authentic. The museum scientists went on a business trip to the city of Dnipro twice, and inspired by daily feat of this team they prepared an exhibition-story. This is gratitude and a present to a unique team for the 220th anniversary of the institution’s foundation.

We invite you to visit a new exhibition!

Generation NEXT

On May 5, 2018, a new season of classes in the Museum School "Generation NEXT" started. It will take place in the format of Saturday meetings, combining new knowledge, communication and creativity. Participants of the first lesson were the schoolchildren of the secondary school № 6 of the city of Brovary, Kyiv region. As the meeting took place on the eve of the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation and the Victory Day, we talked with our young guests about the flower of field poppy – a symbol of remembrance for all who died during the Second World War and gave their lives in the struggle for independence in the East of Ukraine. The children have learned about the history of the symbol, made their own flowers and commemorated the defenders died for the freedom of the Motherland. Both the schoolchildren and the organizers were full of positive impressions and satisfaction. We hope that the next meeting will be also interesting and exciting. Curious, smart, creative – everyone who wants to learn history interesting through the well-known symbols and statements of the leaders of key member countries of the Second World War, we invite you to join us. We are waiting for you every Saturday (12th and 26th of May, 2nd and 9th of June). Price is 30 hryvnia (UAH). You can order participation in the program by calling (044) 285-94-52 or on the project facebook page


If you plan an interesting cognitive program for active friends, especially from other countries, then you can contact us. The museum has developed an engaging historical quest with a military component.

The program includes the search of objects in the Memorial area and the stage of military equipment, identification of the original military equipment of different countries of the world in the exhibition halls, theatrical improvisation and many other interesting things. Quest is conducted in Ukrainian and English languages.

Price of services – 300 UAH per person

Duration – 1 hour

We accept orders for individual scripts

Please call: +38 (044) 285-94-52


Martyrology of the deceased warriors in the battles for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine on the eastern territories is placed under the arch of the Moscow Gate, built in the 18th century. At one time, it was the southern entrance to the Pechersk fortress, through which there was Stara Navodnytska road that led to Moscow.

In the 21st century the war has come to Ukraine exactly out of there, the war that day after day takes away the lives of our fellow citizens. Therefore, the thousands of names of those who have given the most expensive in the battles for freedom of Ukraine are in the Moscow Gate. They are remembered every day and will be remembered forever in their homes, in the circle of friends and blood brothers. Ukraine cries for them and prays for them.

The portraits of the deceased warriors are on the symbolic altar. They are watching closely for us, who are alive: whether we will betray the interests of the country or make a mistake on the path to its freedom and independence.

The time passes as though the river of memory flowing, on which there are the memorial candles and the names, those are so dear to us. But even, when the last candle is out, we will not forget our Heroes.

Tilt your head! Enter under the arch of the ancient gate, listen to Silence, and realize the price of Life!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

New Digital Collection

The work of filling of e-collections continues. The creation of the second digital collection «Official Archive of Andrii Myhalevych» has started. It consists of 20 artifacts; altogether it will include 234 museum objects.

Andrii Myhalevych («Kos», «Denys», «13»). Since May 1946 he has been a guide of the Starovyzhivskii district (rayonny) wire of OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), since April 1947 – guide of the Starovyzhivskii overdistrict (nadrayonny) wire of OUN. Since 1949 he has been the deputy guide, assistance of the Security Service of the Kovel district of OUN in the North-Eastern Ukrainian territories. In 1951 he died as a result of special operation of the tactical group of the Ministry of State Security.

The collection has mass of originals of 1943 – 1950. According to their topic and sort they are divided in four main groups: the normative and personal documents, the accounts, the popular educational editions of the Main UPA Command. Permanent location of content – here.

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