Main exposition

The main exhibition of the National Museum spreads over 16 halls with total area of 5 thousand square meters. It has more than 17 thousand exhibits that reflect the greatest military conflict of the 20th century – the Second World War and emphasize the contribution of the Ukrainian people in the achievement of the victory over Nazism.

The Ukrainian factor in the exposition wasn’t chosen randomly because about 60% of the Wehrmacht divisions and 50% of the Red Army units were involved in active hostilities in the territory of Ukraine which lasted for 35 months. Every fifth soldier of the Soviet Army was of Ukrainian origin. The Ukrainians who had lived in different states fought against the Nazi-fascist invaders in the ranks of the armies of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, hundreds of thousands of patriots fought in the ranks of the National Liberation Movement against Nazi and Communist dictatorships for freedom and independence of Ukraine. The Ukrainian irreversible casualties range from 8 to 10 million people.

The exposition tells about the decisive battles on the Soviet-German front, the military operations in Europe and the Far East, the establishment and activity of the Anti-Hitler Coalition.

The distinguishing feature of scientific conception has become the using only of the original exhibits, their combination in the relic images for easy visual and mental perception, the showing of military and historical events and facts through the destiny of ordinary people. Depictions of social and cultural aspects of military life are the essential parts of the exposition.

The museum staffs tend to approach to the presentation of war history with maximum objectivity and completely abandoned the old Soviet clichés and myths.

The museum exposition does not impose visitors any conclusions, it communicates with them as the interlocutors, enables everyone to decide independently according to their own preferences, education and ideology.

We invite you to visit the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, to explore the exposition, its unique exhibits and original concept design.

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