Donetsk Airport ... Hell’s Lane

Donetsk Airport... Hell’s Lane

«Airport ... Hell’s Lane» is the first attempt to talk in museum about the epic of defense of Ukrainian Thermopylae – Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport which continued during 242 days.

All those days the Ukrainian nation holding its breath watched the development of events in the terminals that were shot with bullets and other buildings of the airport, was proud of the courage of sons of the nation and prayed for them. And they have won.

It was not just a military victory: the enemy did not seize strategically important object. It was a moral victory. The victory of the defenders’ fortitude of Motherland who fought for the fate of Ukraine which destiny was determined on the ruins of the airport. The constructions of buildings did not endure but «cyborgs» didn’t give up.

A year later we remember all those who were writing the history of defense of Donetsk airport and positions around it day by day. They did this in hellish battles giving their blood, strength and lives.

Honor and glory to the soldiers and commanders of units:

the 1st Separate Guards Tank Brigade, the 17th Separate Tank Brigade, the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, the 57th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, the 79th Separate Airborne Brigade, the 80th Separate Airborne Brigade, the 81st Separate Airborne Brigade, the 95th Separate Airborne Brigade, the 3rd Separate Special Forces Regiment, the 74th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mariupol Battle group of Special Forces Regiment of MIA «Dnepr-1», the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps «Right Sector», the Volunteer Battalion of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the Separate Volunteer unit «Carpathian Sich», They have become heroes of TV, radio and Internet plots, newspaper articles, books, movies and museum exhibitions.

The exhibition «Airport ... Hell’s Lane» is the special project of the museum organized for the anniversary events. Materials have been gathered all over Ukraine. The most valuable things left in memory of the fallen defenders of the airport (photos, documents and personal belongings) were given to the museum by parents and widows. Cyborgs’ smoked and covered with the airport dust military equipment has been sent by the post or with the help of volunteers from different regions of Ukraine where now defenders of Donetsk stronghold serve or live after demobilization.

«Wounded car» during the battle for the airport «ISUZU TROOPER» was transported from Kirovohrad. Soldiers of the 3rd Separate Special Forces Regiment consider it as a member of their unit.

Serhii Loiko, the correspondent of «Los Angeles Times» was the only representative of foreign media who stayed at the airport during the siege. He gave the photographs to the museum that reflect the tension of confrontation.

The exhibition was created in such a way. The composition «Airport … Hell’s Gate to Heaven» is its culmination and dedicated to the last defenders of the airport who died under ruins of buildings when metal and concrete did not stand the test of fire.

Remember their faces and names.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!